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Established Aboriginal Art Gallery

Since 2004, when we established our Aboriginal art gallery, we have remained steadfast in our original thought process and practice; to be fair, respectful, make the art accessible to everyone, and most of all keep the artists’ role in what we do as the primary level of importance.

Now, twenty years later we are proud to have built relationships with over 20 Aboriginal Art Centres around Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia and through doing so have financially supported hundreds of artists and their families through this association.

Paintings sold through Artitja Fine Art Gallery means money goes directly to the artist’s art centres, and contribute to the vital business of administrative support for the centre, and an ongoing income to the artist and their family.

For our part, we work in partnership with the art centre as an agent of the artist on a commission basis.

Aboriginal Art

Our Profile & Purpose

“Our aim is in connecting cultures through the art. Quality Aboriginal art is not just beautiful, it provides insights into Indigenous stories and Tjurrkupa (dreamings). Within Australia and internationally, the art plays an important role as a medium for connection between very different cultures.  Making these connections between urban and remote Australian Indigenous communities has been the Galley’s driving force”.
Anna Kanaris – Gallery Director

The Artitja Model

Located in South Fremantle in Western Australia we are open daily, including weekends, by appointment. Up to five exhibitions are held during the year, in exhibiting spaces in and around South Fremantle. Between 2016 -2023 we exhibited annually at Gallery 152 in York, WA and  in 2017 we held a successful three month exhibition featuring WA Art Centres on the ground level of Council House in the City of Perth, WA.

Since 2004 Artitja Fine Art has established itself as one of Perth’s most reputable and accessible Indigenous art galleries known for its innovative business model which includes a quarterly exhibition program in select venues and at all times offering an expert and personalised by-appointment service enabling art lovers to view art in a home environment

Our Services

Specialising in Australian Aboriginal Art from remote and regional communities around Australia we offer

*  a personal, accessible and informative approach to collectors and newcomers of Aboriginal art

*  a door into the world of Aboriginal art by passing on our expert knowledge

*  assistance in developing a quality art collection and respect all budget sizes

* curatorial service and advice, and

* presentations to both corporate and private clients

We are also open to discussing fundraising opportunities with worthy outcomes

Achievements & Awards

Our consistent commitment to quality and service has resulted in art having been acquired from Artitja Fine Art for inclusion into distinguished private and public art collections throughout Australia and internationally.

Since 2015 we have been recipients of the following Fremantle Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

2015 HIGH COMMENDATION for Excellence in Enterprise and Innovation.



How We Operate

In our practice as Indigenous Fine Art dealers we make a commitment to value the culture of the Indigenous people of Australia and treat with respect art centres, the artists and the art which is such an important part of the continuation of the culture.

We act with integrity and feel it is our responsibility in our privileged position of having access to the art, the artists and their country, to continue to reflect in a dedicated manner the high standards we profess.

Artitja Fine Art Gallery is a signatory to the Australian Indigenous Art Code of Conduct. In late 2023 Anna was priveledged to have been elected onto the IaC Board as a Board member.

As a signatory to the Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct we are committed to ethical and transparent business dealings with Indigenous visual artists and abide by the standards set out in the code.   Read here on HOW TO BUY ETHICALLY

Provenance Documentation

Each artwork carries gallery and art centre provenance / authenticity documentation and biographical information of the artist.

Who We Are

ANNA KANARIS has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Communication Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Murdoch University and moved from a career in journalism to pursue cultural and educational interests in the Aboriginal art world.  Anna very much enjoys the excitement of heading bush, sourcing and curating Artitja’s exhibitions.

Anna was first introduced to Aboriginal art and culture  whilst working in community radio in Perth, Western Australia. She was involved in liaising with community educational centres, elders and their representatives in isolated communities in the State’s north west setting up satellite radio test broadcasts to enable the learning of languages to the younger members of the community.

ARTHUR CLARKE has had an abiding interest in Indigenous art and culture, having had spent many years in the State’s north west and has always been an avid reader about the history and culture of Indigenous Australia.  Having always felt a  great love of the desert and  ‘heading bush’  he very much enjoys the planning process in seeing Artitja’s exhibitions coming together.