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Lexie Michael

Lexie Michael

Lexie was a batik artist at Ernabella Arts in the 1980s and 90s. Like many artists at that time, her work represented design elements inspired by the desert landscape.

The batik silks produced at Ernabella Arts include magnificent long silk lengths, paintings, wall hangings and scarves. Today Ernabella batik textiles are held in private collections and public galleries and museums throughout the world.

Lexie has returned to Ernabella Arts recently and started painting with acrylics for the first time. Her deep knowledge of country is evident in her paintings.

In 2020 Lexie exhibited in her first show, Nganampa ngura-nguru nyurampa ngurakutu (From our place to your place) at Aboriginal Signature in Belgium.

Her artwork from that exhibition was then used in a collaboration with Indigenous designer Maara Collective to create a range of resort wear. The range premiered on the catwalk at Australian Fashion Week in July 2021, and was featured on the cover of Marie Claire magazine in the same month.

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