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Selina Teece Pwerle

Selina Teece Pwerle

Selina was born on 19 December, 1977.  Her traditional country is Antarrengeny which lies in Alyawarr country north of the Utopia region in Central Australia.  Selina grew up surrounded by artists and developed her own artistic talents at a very young age.

Her introduction to painting came about as a young child in the 1980’s when her mother Lulu Teece was involved in the silk batik project documented in Utopia: A Picture Story in which 88 Utopia artists were involved.    Selina began painting at the very young age of 20. Her favourite painter and inspiration was Albert Namatjira when as a young girl she saw his work at Araluen Art Gallery in Alice Springs.  At school (Yulara College) she enjoyed painting using watercolours.   Encouraged by Lulu, she would sit with her and aunty Maggie Kemarre; also an established painter and a further  inspiration.

Selina recalls fond memories of her childhood in which as kids they had  the freedom to roam out bush with her friends – sometimes they would go out and do ‘pretend camping’ – the kids would take their bicycles and pretend swags and say they were going out bush hunting but would return by the evening.  These are very happy memories for Selina and she is passing these on to her own  children, so that they too will enjoy the fun and adventure of living out bush.

The theme for Selina’s paintings relate to the stories from her father’s country Antarrengeny.  Selina is an innovator and through her use of fine dotting her painting styles can vary from conceptual to realist which can be seen  both in her ‘spinifex bush’ paintings, in which she uses a fan brush to depict the shape of the spinifex bush which is abundant in her landscape, through to her aerial flora representations of country.

A strong observer with a deep love and connection to  her country, Selina also depicts bush flora such as Kurrajong seeds, Gum Blossoms of the Bloodwood tree and Akatyerre – Bush tomato, and is constantly experimenting with design and colour.

Selina has established herself as a serious, skilled artisan who is committed to furthering her art practice and developing her artistic career, as she has seen occur through her lifetime with her aunty Emily Kngwarreye and many other now internationally known artists from the Utopia region.

Artitja Fine Art Gallery held Selina’s first significant exhibition in South Fremantle in March 2010 and has exclusively represented her in Western Australia since that time.